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Everybody can recognize motivation when somebody truly has it. All the signs are there: passion, work ethic, it never goes off. It is a constant force.

But how can motivation be developed and retained?

Passion and belief in your work is only the first step. Obstacles can diminish the confidence and motivation of even the most passionate and hardworking person.

Motivation is a roller coaster ride to say the least. Some factors to improve motivation are external to you.

If you really want to make something work in your business and professional life, it is important that you have a good social network of support, whether a special person, a partner or family member, or a group of good friends that can be on hand to offer great advice or moral support.

Social support is a significant factor when you want to reach a goal.

Not everybody has the right kind of support system to thrive in their ideas. If that doesn't help, seek advice from a life coach or join a group to meet like-minded…
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I'm not a football fan, most of the time. But when it comes to my country and supporting Chelsea FC, I swear I can get so pumped.

The 2018 World Cup is fast becoming the most exciting so far. From the opening ceremony till today there hasn't been a dull moment and we can't wait to see who takes the cup home. Personally I hope it'll be our Nigerian Super Eagles.

As much as the boys, are standing out fashion wise I would also like us to crown that endeavour with some shining brass. What you y'all think?

The Super Eagle's Kit has been named GQ's most fashionable kit so far in the 2018 World Cup. I have to say I am remarkably impressed at how they seem coordinated, focused and motivated. For the first time in a while I see some Nigerian spirit. And I have to say I think that's the true purpose of the sport. Bringing back a sense of kinship.

Today I watched the super sport special "From Russia with love" covered by Minnie Dlamini, a South African c…


"Having black hair is unique in that Black Women change up styles a lot. You can work down one block in New York City and see ten different hairstyles that black women are wearing are wearing; straight curls, short cuts, braids - we really run the gamut."

Hairstyles come and go but braids have been in trend since ancient times. The braided hairstyle is an ancient beauty technique associated with the cultures of different countries. Braids had made appearance on the heads of men and women throughout the history. Braiding patterns often indicated person’s social status, ethnicity, age group, wealth, marital status, glamour and religious affiliation back then.

"The hair is the richest ornament of the African woman. " -Martin Luther King 

Braids are a part of tribal customs in Africa. The origins of African hair braiding art can be traced back to Egypt as far as 3500 BC. Some interesting facts on African hair braiding are:

In ancient Egypt, braids signified status and w…


With the summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to have that summer glow!

Now that summer’s here, it’s time to ditch our flat, matte winter makeup. This season, it’s all about looking bronzed and healthy. In order to channel your inner J-Lo, here are four vibrant lip stains to try for that perfect summer glow. This season it's all about colours and shimmers. I put together a look book I think will be great for this season. Something to add that extra "wow" factor to your look.

When you think of summer, you picture warmnt and vibrance.  In this post, I'll be using four favorite colours from the 'Classic lipstick collection' and showing  how it works perfectly to give you that summer sizzle.





Classic Makeup U.S.A  is a high quality cosmetic product marketed and distributed nation-wide by Emmy Classic cosmetics L…

MY NYSC JOURNAL : A trip to the NYSC Secretariat

There are two things my NYSC experience has thought me. One, as a Corper you must willingly accept stress. Secondly, you must adapt to any environment you find yourself weekly or get left behind. I'm sure you can already tell that I'm not a fan of either of them.

On my way to secretariat today I watched as Corp members walked along the streets with sweat drenched clothing and a long sad look on their faces. It makes you wonder if N19,800 is worth all your stress. Only God will help us in this country Abeg.

Today I had to officially open my file at the secretariat. Luckily for me it wasn't as stressful as I feared it would be. Met some really amazing people who strangely showed me so much attention and treated my case even before people who got there first. Possibly because I told them I was sick.

I was done in less than forty five minutes and was on my way home. The perk of being a teacher during your service year is that you get to have breaks; midterm breaks and holidays…

Persistence Is Key: My makeup history.

In 2009, I took the first step to my love of makeup and fashion. The love for makeup was much stronger but honestly I was hopeless at it. Though I wasn't good at it I was determined to learn not because I didn't feel beautiful without makeup but because to me makeup was an illusion I admired. Through the course of my life I have tried my hands at so many things and i have excelled in them all. No matter how frustrating it became I was glad to have the spirit of persistence nudging me on.

Here are some pictures depicting my make up journey. Some are quite terrible but I'm sure you'll be as pleased as I am of the end results.

Circa 2008, when I could barely understand the concept of an eyepencil. Yeah, brow creams weren't invented then. Lol.

Circa 2011, my Dear friend Olivia's wedding. I had a thing for red back then.

2013, University days. Makeup was a must. Bare face was considered not fashionable.

I can't remember the year, but as you can see improvement …


Hey guys. I feel like I have to reintroduce myself again because it's been a while since I posted anything on this platform. Hi, I'm Samantha and I am as always pleased to share my mundane and yet somewhat thrilling life experiences with y'all.

OK, so a lot has gone down this past months. I got called to serve my motherland. Had my dreadful camp experience and caught a bug while in camp which left me hospitalized for the a month. I'm all good now and ready for the rest of my service year. So here's the gist. Today was my first day in my primary place of assignment and it's safe to say I was so anxious.

First of let's look at my outfit for today. I decided to jazz up my khakis with a pop of color. Something to make me stand out, if you know what I mean.

So I got up this morning, went for morning mass, came home and got ready to leave the house. When I first found out I was posted to a secondary school my heart skipped and I was so sure I was going to change…