Curvy girls are beautiful too

Say bye to body shaming and hello to curves, rolls and beauty.

In our society the idea of a beautiful woman was being skinny. If you're not slim then you not beautiful. You couldn't wear nice clothes or be fashion forward because you couldn't possibly fit all those rolls into a nice outfit.

When I was a teenager.  I was a slim girl. I was tall and it made me feel good because nobody could tease me about being fat. I looked around as watched as others who weren't so lucky suffered for their body type. As I grew my body began to change and I hated it. Basically I ate too much and the apparent changes was my own doing. I fell into depression. I had trouble dressing up and because I couldn't find something nice to wear, I started withdrawing from society. Sometimes I would try to wear an oversized clothing just so I could feel like the "slim chics" but the end result only made me feel worse about myself.

Over the years topics of body shaming and loving yourself caught my attention and helped me changed my mind set.  Female activists like Ashley Graham and Khloe Kardashian and a whole lot of them have shown me that it's OK to feel beautiful. Through their works of shedding light on cyber bullying and body shaming and also catering to the fashion needs of the "Plus Size Girl" they are helping women across the world feel comfortable in their skin again.

When I started gaining weight it was hard for me to walk on the streets. For fear of someone pointing out the obvious fact. As though you are completely oblivious to the changes in your own body. Some would say, "You're getting fatter, stop eating too much." Please people, who ever said too much food was the cause of being fat. Ever heard of slow metabolism? Do you even have an idea what you do to someone's spirit when you talk with so little regard of how their minds respond to your criticism?

It takes a lot of courage but it would be better for you if you learn to love yourself and love your body. Embrace those thick thighs and extra rolls on your body.

Exercise is always good, especially cardio to prevent heart failure and other terminal diseases. It is encouraged but if you don't love your body no amount of exercise will  fix you.

This particular topic has been trending on social media and here are some tweets I found very inspiring.


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