There is something about denim chokers or chokers in general that just makes you feel bad ass. Fortunately it has become one my favorite fashion piece of late and I have been drumming up ideas on how to create and style them. It's an accessory that can be made from Ankara, denim and lace fabrics. 

That been said, I feel it is my civic or fashion duty to share this essential tip bit with you guys. Chokers are becoming an essential fashion piece and today I'll be giving a detailed instruction on how to create a choker from any fabric of your choice in five minutes or less. 

Required Items:

     1. An old denim (shirt or shorts).

     2. Scizzors and a razor.

     3. Measuring tape.

     4. A button.

     5. Needle and thread.


     1. Measure the length of your neck with your measuring tape. Trace it on the material and cut according     to the measurements.

     2.Then cut out the piece with the scizzors.
     3. Measure your neck again with the material to determine where to place the button.

     4. Sew in your button and your choker is ready!

You can make the choker with any material of your choosing. Just be creative and have fun with it. And remember fashion is always a statement of who you are.

                                        And that's all I got today guys.

                                    Thanks for reading.....  And lots of 🖤🖤🖤 from you know who!


  1. Hmmm... A writer, blogger and a fashionista. I won't be surprised when I hear you talk technically about sports.


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