Wednesday Crush: Celebrating Women and their Accomplishments

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It's no secret that I have a passion for writing and today's Wednesday Crush is a woman who has inspired most of my work as well. She is a visionary,  a feminist and an all round badass. Its women like her who inspire us and give is strength to fight for what we want and believe in. As young as she is,  she has accomplished so much. Today I choose to celebrate her and I'm also sharing her story to inspire other women out there. It can be yours if you just believe in yourself and fight hard enough for it.

Rupi Kaur (Born 5 October 1992) is an Indian-Canadian poet, writer, illustrator and performer. She has published a collection of poetry and prose Milk and Honey in 2014. Her second book The Sun and Her Flowers was published in 2017.

Early life

Kaur was born in Punjab, India, to a Sikh family and emigrated with her parents to Canada when she was four years old. As a child, she was inspired by her mother to draw and paint; especially at a time when she was unable to speak in English with the other children at school. She used to write poems to her friends on their birthdays or messages to her middle school crushes.

She studied rhetoric and professional writing at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. Kaur and her family moved to Brampton. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.


Kaur's first performance took place in 2009, in the basement of the Punjabi Community Health Centre in Malton. Among her more notable works is her photo-essay on menstruation, described as a piece of visual poetry intended to challenge societal menstrual taboos.

Throughout high school, she anonymously shared her writing, and in 2013 she began sharing her work under her own name on Tumblr. Kaur took her writing to Instagram in 2014 and began adding simple illustrations. All of her work is written exclusively in lowercase, and the only punctuation used is the period. In the Gurmukhi script, there is only one case and only periods are used. She decided to write this way to honour her culture. She also says that she enjoys the equality of letters and that the style reflects her worldview. Her written work is meant to be an experience that's easy to follow for the reader, with simple drawings to elevate her words. Common themes found throughout her works include abuse, femininity, love, and heartbreak.


Milk and Honey

Kaur's first book, an anthology titled Milk and Honey (stylized as milk and honey), was published on November 4th, 2014. A collection of poetry, prose, and hand-drawn illustrations, the book is split into four chapters, and each chapter deals with a different theme. Book sales of milk and honey surpassed the 2.5 million copy mark. This book was on The New York Times Best Seller list for over 77 weeks.

The Sun and Her Flowers

Her second book, The Sun and Her Flowers, was published in October 3rd, 2017. The work in this collection also explores a variety of themes including loss, trauma, healing, femininity, migration and revolution.


She drew inspiration from various writers and scholars such as Kahlil Gibran, Alice Walker, and Sharon Olds. She is also influenced by Sikh scriptures. Kaur experienced learning English after moving to Canada, which influenced her writing style.

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