TOP 5| My Valentine's Day Wish list

Hey Guys, Happy new month and Welcome to my blog again!

This is my first post of the month and I am so thrilled that we're done with the first month of the year. Geez, I honestly thought it'll never end.

As Valentine's Day approaches it's only natural that a girl should gleefully anticipate what that day might bring. I for one I'm looking forward to this day seriously. It's a day to celebrate being in love and also for lots and lots of gift.

On that note, I have put together a wish list. Things that'll add some sizzle to my Valentine's celebration.


Handbags are always the best choice because you don't have to worry about getting the size right. This Tommy Hilfiger mini bag fits the bill just right and has been at the top of my wish list.


 You can't be a successful blogger without one of this babies and right now the Cassie Dave's blog planners are topping the charts. It's pretty, efficient and motivational. Just what a blogger needs to stay inspired and on point.


Being wined and dined is always a winner in my book. Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday this year and it is understandable that they might not be time to schedule dinner plans. That not withstanding, you can always dine at home. Nothing like fine wine, Good food and good music to make a woman feel pampered, loved and appreciated.


Get me a Paul Hewitt watch and you're golden. It's sparkly, pretty and very fashionable at the moment. Yep! Lots of deliciousness in one piece of jewelry!


A girls gotta have her makeup essentials and of course the NYX nude lipstick and the Evita Joseph makeup brush set are at the very top of my wish list. If you know me well then you'll know of my love for makeup.

There you have it guys, my top five items on my wish list. Trust me, there's more. I just wanted to make it as affordable as possible. And if all this seems too tasking to achieve, my account details will be available for an influx of cash.

So leave your comments and ladies share those items you're dying to get from your Valentine.

PS. Guys, don't forget to show your ladies some love and surprise her. She deserves it.


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