How to be Alone on Valentine's Day.

"You don't need someone to complete you. You need someone to accept you completely. "

I have been reading different blog posts on how to dress for Valentine, the types of restaurant to visit and all that. I'm gonna talk about how to enjoy being alone on Valentine's Day. The day is stressful enough, no need to add more pressure or depression to it.

Sadly, an alarming number of girls will fall into this category as will I. So I have put together a little care package to help me survive this day.


 The first step is never to set your expectations on the day so high. Some will be lucky enough to have that guy who will go all out for them come V day and the rest will be curled up in bed with a box of tissue and ice cream or a bottle of wine. Girl, save yourself from that kind of trauma and kill that hope now. It's just a day. A day of love true and if you can't spend it with Prince Charming then give the princess a TLC.


 Have a girl pow-wow. Dress up all fancy and paint the town red with your girls. Make the day all about self empowerment. The more you appreciate yourself the less time you have to feel or act a mess.


 Spend the day with family. Pick up your phone and call your sister or brother or even mummy. Take them out. Celebrate the family bond.


 Pamper yourself. Get yourself some flowers, a box of chocolate. Unwind with a bottle of wine. I'm a big lover of red wine so I'm definitely going to be drinking some on the day. Shout out if you want to spend the day with me and we'll just have the best time.


Catch up on some of my favorite TV series. Luckily, The CW have been really good to me. I get a great line up every week (Arrow, Super girl, Dynasty,  Supernatural, Riverdale, Original, Jane the virgin, Crazy ex girlfriend etc) and I can just drown myself in them. Movies get my mind of things and I hope it'll do same for you guys too. Binge watch your way through the day with some popcorn and ice cream.

If you decide to stay in or go out just try to make it as fun as you possibly can, sometimes you need to take care of yourself.  And always remember that even though you're not romantically involved now or some deadbeat dude decides to stand you up things will never remain the same. This is my single girls guide to surviving Valentine's Day and I hope you make the best of the day and just celebrate how fabulous you are.

Did you like this post?  Do you find it helpful? What are your plans for the day? Share your thoughts in the comment box. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. A box of chocolates and a bottle of red! Perfect marriage for singles! Nice post...


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