As 2017 comes to an end, we can only take sometime to reflect on the lessons learn and what the year as meant to us. for me, it started off on a sad note. having to lose someone so dear to me was certainly unexpected and i wasn't prepared in anyway to deal with such a loss. There so many times too i thought that i was just going to have a mental break but each time i went down that path, GOD pulled me right back up. And now with no regrets i say good bye to 2017 and i welcome the coming year with a lot of hope and a lot more to nudge under my metaphorical belt.

 This year has definitely thought me lessons I possibly couldn't acquire in a class room. It has been an opportunity to grow. a journey of self discovery if you will. I have had my fair share of laughter, of tears, and of love. It hasn't been easy but like other years before this one it has been magical in its own twisted way. This year has taught me that you can't always please others. It's an impossible fit. No matter how had you try you always come up short as long as the public's opinion is concerned. You have to live life for yourself
first and fore most before you live for others.


 This is a keynote to success. Be innovative always. Keep the negative thoughts out of your head and fill them with ways to improve yourself. Think of it as a system upgrade. Every day, every month and every year provides a new opportunity to start over and create your own path. Like I said, I started this year in a crappy way. but I didn't let that limit my goals. I used all the loss and pain and channeled it into doing something useful. I stayed motivated. I have always wanted to write and starting this blog no matter how long it took me to do so was a healing process for me. Find what you're passionate about. Let it motivate you and find happiness in that.


 With just twelve days left of this year, The logical question to ask youself is what next? For me, there is definitely a long list of things. It's no surprise that as you grow your priorities evolve as well. I am so thankful to GOD that I graduated this year and now all I can think about is my future. I had the best gift of self discovery this year. Granted I still have to put in work but i am proud of the person i am now. I am not ending this year the way i thought i would but i am certainly close to the person i hope to be. Come 2018, I hope to be that and more.

 So with all that said. I have the answers to what my next step would be;

1. NYSC wahala is coming in March. My goal is to be recruited, posted to city of my choosing by God's grace and completeting my service year successfully.

2. I have a strong passion for writing and singing. In the coming year I intend to register for a writing course to improve  my skills and finally get myself to a recording studio to work on my music career. Maybe I might even go for the next season of The Voice Naija. My motto for next year is "Anything Is Possible" and I intend to live by it.

3. WRITING WRITING WRITING. My passion for writing stems from my wild imaginations and my ability to create a world of possibilities and intrigue through words. Writing stories that entertain as well as touch lives. I currently run a fictional writing page on Facebook called "Short Stories by Samantha Egabe. I intend to expand my reach and publish my work. I'll have my blog and i intend to post as often as i can. I am also working on a novel and I am so excited to finish and publish it come 2018.

4. As my blog grows I plan on working with brands. Partnernships with startup businesses and getting my work out there.

5. GETTING OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE AND TRYING SOMETHING NEW. I have been an introvert for way too long abeg. It's time to break free and discover that part of me that is so confident and brave. It's my time to be heard and i aint backing down.

6. FINDING LOVE; Yes, i said it. I'm a hopeless romantic and i realize now that its OK. Its ok to  dream of being happy with someone. Everybody wants that special connection and i plan on finding it come 2018. This year was about growth and self discovery. Next year still is but its time to switch it up a little bit. I turned 25 this year, and like my mum will always tell me, "you're not getting any younger." Use to sound like crap to me but she sure does have a point. In my mumerous plans of being the fabulous me I have to start thinking of startting a family as well.


There is a popular belief in Nigeria that staying connected or having influential people behind you helps your chances of being successful. It sounds like exploitation but i see it as networking. You need people to stand by you and support you. No one can survive alone. You might believe you can but it has been proven otherwise. So i hope to work on this next year. Meeting the right contacts and standing a chance to achieve my goals. There is after all strength in numbers


Living a happy life is probably the most important health measure and it is the most overlooked. I let myself fall into depression this year. I'm not going to let that happen again. first step to achieving this is to accept yourself for who you are. I accept that i am a chubby girl and i am beautiful inside and out. Having a positive mindset at all times helps repel the negative energy you will encounter on a daily. So suck it depression, I am back better than ever and i am ready to tango.

That should be all for today guys. With a hopeful heart I pray we all get to achieve our hearts desires and more. I await 2018 in a positivity and I know in my heart that it will be a spectacular year for us all. I won't sign out of the year officially. I still have some events to write about before that happens. So i bid you farewell my lovelies until next time.

Thanks for reading.


  1. It has really been a long ride for you Samm. But I see greatness in every perspective for you. It's gonna be a year of all round endless possibilities.


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